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"I love keeping track of every aspect possible when it comes to my career. Performer Track tells me how I'm doing and I can make projections for the future based of the collect data from the past."

- Erick Chavarria
Supporting Role in "Get Hard"
(with Will Ferrell & Kevin Hart )

"The EASIEST way
to run your
performing business!"

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PerformerTrack brings every aspect
of your career together,
automatically linking the projects you work on (Auditions, Callbacks, Bookings),
with the contacts you make
(Casting Directors, Producers, Writers,
Cast & Crew, etc.)
along with your expenses
(Mileage, Classes, Workshops, etc.)
and Income.

Statistical reports let you set goals
& helps you achieve them.

By the Way... NO APP NEEDED!
PerformerTrack is ONLINE, which means you can use it
on any Internet connected mobile computer or device, such as:

iPad, iPhone & iPod touch,
Android, Windows Phone 8, etc.

PerformerTrack Is...

PerformerTrack is the proven organizational tool utilized by working performers worldwide to log, track and manage their important career details like Submissions, Auditions, Callbacks, Bookings, Direct Bookings, Income, Expenses, Coogan/Child Trust Accounts, PerformerTrust Accounts, Contacts, Classes, Workshops, and much, much more.

Your career details are exquisitely cross-connected throughout many sections of PerformerTrack to give you an accurate assessment of your professional life so that you may leverage your information to; audition more effectively, increase your callback & booking ratios, stay connected properly with your Industry Contacts, spend your money wisely by taking advantage of tax-deductible career expenses, keep your finger on the pulse of your representation so that they work harder for you, etc.

More than just "software for actors", PerformerTrack is Webware designed for ALL performers… Actors * Models * Voice Over Artists * Comedians * Dancers * Musicians * Bands * Singers * Background Artists * Radio Personalities * ShowBiz Parents * Street Performers * Stunt Performers * Motion Capture & Performance Capture Artists * Etc. *

Use PerformerTrack on a Mac or PC! Use PerformerTrack on a web-enabled device like the iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows Phone 8, etc.! No matter how you access your PerformerTrack account it'll always be available to you online, anytime, anywhere through its secure 256-Bit SSL Encryption. You can have peace of mind knowing that your data is stored safely and is redundantly protected at one of the world's finest Tier 4 Data Centers. In fact, your information is housed in the very same facility that major area hospitals also store their client information (that means the Data Center is HIPPA compliant - UPHOLDING TO VERY STRICT AND SECURE PRIVACY STANDARDS).

With well over 9 years in business, our company has built a rock-solid reputation anchored in trust, having assisted thousands of performers worldwide, just like you, to efficiently organize and oversee their careers the right way.

There is no equivalent to PerformerTrack. Due to our overwhelming success and popularity within the performing community it is unfortunate that knock-offs and cheap imitations have surfaced. Do not be fooled! They have limited concept and narrow understanding as to the needs of real-world performers. Their ill-conceived design and confusing workflow can actually hinder your career progress. If you already bought into one of these poor-quality programs don’t fret ~ we have good news for you...

PerformerTrack can save you valuable time & money now in an Industry that is notorious for wasting both. Stop putting off what is absolutely necessary to get your performing career on the right track. With PerformerTrack you can determine what is working (and capitalize on it)... realize what is not working (and eliminate it)... and gain the traction you need to move your career forward - NOW.

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